Jesper Verhoef

I am a PhD Candidate involved in the Translantis Project – see In this project, a group of six researchers tries to establish how America functioned as a reference culture for the Netherlands over the course of the twentieth century. My project concerns itself with representations of America in debates on mass media such as film, radio and television. For this purpose a new text mining tool and other digital humanities techniques are of vital importance. As if that isn’t enough, I have a firm passion for tennis, like reading novels and occasionally break my mind over a cryptogram.

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Kafka, GOAT and the H-index: Thoughts of a PhD Candidate

Over the last year, a fierce debate has sprung up in the Netherlands over the question to what extent publications are the most essential part in the career of an academic scholar. The movement Science in Transition has sought and received ample public attention on this matter. The initiators query the ‘publish or perish’-adage currently […]